Canada Pump And Power

Fort Saskatchewan, Canada – New Materials

Winner of the qualifying event in Edmonton, Canada
hosted by University of Alberta

Dredging is the process of digging up material from underneath the water using a pump or cutter head. The material is usually but not always on the bottom. In the past this was only possible using personnel to direct the process. The personnel were typically on large vessels floating above the cutter head. Now the Mighty Dredge can operate underwater, and it controls in three dimensions where it is, where it’s going and at what speed. Mighty Dredge also lets you know exactly what it’s doing.

The Mighty Dredge is driven by a computer that controls the position and the speed of it’s Dredge Cutter to provide optimal solids flow 24/7 without any human intervention of any kind. Dredging Operations anywhere can now be completed more safely and at a lower cost by using the Mighty Dredge. The Mighty Dredge comes in all sizes and utilizes different cutter heads and pumps depending on the type of material that needs to be dredged.

The Prototype Dredges have worked extensively at the R&D facility (Which includes an nine acre lake) and the technology is proven to operate automatically 24/7 for extended periods in actual work site conditions. Canada Pump and Power believes that it’s Dredge will save clients millions of dollars, enables work to be done 24/7 cost effectively, and is safer because no personnel are needed to go on or near the body of water the dredge is operating in.

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